You’re welcome once again.

We are very much open to GUEST POST submissions in different categories. This is aimed at encouraging,  uplifting, strengthening and blessing teenagers around the globe. We will be glad to have your works published here.

Kindly note the following before sending your entry:

1) Submissions are open to ANYONE in any country or age group.

2) Submissions should be directed toward addressing any issue facing the teenagers and and must be able to pass the message of life and hope. Any submission outside this will be rejected.

3) All works must be original and authored by you. You also retain the copyright of your work.
Plagiarism is highly prohibited.

4) Send submissions to [email protected] with the body of the email containing your full name, a short biography, and social media details.
Attach a quality picture of yourself (It will only be uploaded based on your permission).

5) Your works will be edited and corrections will be made where necessary.

6) If you would love your work to be published on a specific date, probably on your birthday, kindly indicate in the body of your mail and ensure you send it in as early as you can.

You can choose any of the following categories for your write ups:

1) Faith: Here, any article related to spirituality and our walk of faith with God will be featured.

2) Letters/Notes: Letters or notes to younger self, or categories of people. For instance Letter to Dad and Mum, A note to Self, Letter to the Abused, etc

3) Health: Anything related to health, food and fitness.

4) Reviews: Review of CHRISTIAN books and movies (especially those related to teenagers and young people) are allowed.

5) Interviews: Do you want to be interviewed or have anyone that can be interviewed to be a source of encouragement to the teenagers?
Kindly reach out to us as well. It might be interview on what you do, your past life, etc

6) Share Your Story: This should be a true-life story of when you were a teenager or your present story as a teenager.

It could also be a story of a teenager you know and his/her story is worth sharing. However, the such a one must be aware that his/her story is being shared, unless if deceased or out of contact.

If you don’t want to reveal your identity, we will definitely publish your story anonymously.

7) Teens Write: We will also love to publish the work(s) of teenagers. If you’re a teenager, we will be glad to read from you.

8) Relationships: This should center on our relationships with God and people.

Other categories include:
Fashion and Lifestyle, Academics and Career, Entrepreneur, Personal Development, Motivational Talks, Fictional and Non Fictional stories and Poetry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Much Love!