Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Just because others got to their destination before you doesn’t mean you are late!

This statement above made so much sense to me a few days ago on my way to work one faithful morning.
It was a busy Monday morning on the street of Lagos and it was a struggle to get on the bus as time was against me. Luckily, a bus pulled up in front of me and boom a random guy from behind outran me and got on the bus. I was so furious and started calculating how long I had stayed at the bus stop and how far I would have gone if I was on the bus.
I kept saying to myself as I watched my clock ticking “if I only I had gone with that bus I wouldn’t be here”.

Finally I got another bus and I was at my destination in no time. But guess who I met? The guy who outran me earlier at the bus stop. I couldn’t believe it because this guy left earlier, how come he is still here, how come we met again and lot more were the questions running through my mind.

As I went about my activities for the day, the scenario didn’t leave my mind as that wasn’t the first time such would happen to me but this day was different because I learnt life long lessons;

Majority of us are like me in this story feeling late because your colleague, friends or relatives got something you desire before you and you are feeling bad calculating how far you would have gone if you has been her, but hey! Can you calm down and take a deep breath. You are not late! It isn’t just your time yet because your timing is different from that of your friend.

That the clock is ticking and you aren’t getting your desires doesn’t mean you won’t get to your destination, remember the guy who outrun me in the story? We finally met at my destination. Stop being hard on yourself because you are not late! Your timing is just different!

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