Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

They walk in speed to endless eternity. The horses and the rides are strong with wisdom and eloquence.

The hard truth is that, there is no peace in their life and camp.

Falsehood in speechless idols, foolish with spot in their garment of plain.
No hope of eternal glory, where is our home after all these battle for riches, and power?

Light shone in the twilight but who can face this great revelation of freedom?
Weak and hopeless we groan after each victory.
Spoils with confusion, where is the promise Savior?

This is a God forgetting nation, this is a Godless people.
We seek freedom from this motion of slavery.
Where is the Son of Freedom?
Who is this Son of Freedom?

We need HIM.
We seek HIM.
Save us from this endless longing and battle.

Light is here! Light is here!! Light is here!!! There is dancing in the camp, all our idols and concubine we let go to see and worship this Light from above.

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