Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

It’s the end of the year already, yaayyy 💃💃💃!

I will love to ask a simple question, “Have you been committed to your health?”
If you are to take an inventory of the whole year what will your health statement read?
When you even hear the word health, what comes to your mind? Is it those that visit the hospital for one illness or the other that need to be concerned about their health?

As a teen, you might be wondering about why you should be bothered about your health at this stage of life since you are still young, right?

But my dear, as you and I know that a house with a faulty foundation is already destined for a collapse. It is only awaiting the collapse signal. Likewise, teenagers who ignore their health and live any how are only sabotaging their adult life.

We are now in an age where sickness no longer respect age. Words like this disease is for the elderly is fast fading away. Children, adolescents are already experiencing what used to be referred to as adult’s diseases. Therefore, taking care of your health as a teenager is very important.

Let us briefly remind ourselves on how to take care of our health under the following segments:

1) Personal Hygiene: Personal Hygiene is germane in living a healthy life. No one will do it for you, that is why it is called PERSONAL hygiene.

Let us start with hand hygiene: How often do you wash your hand? You must wash your hands before meal, after meal, after handling refuse, when you touch animals or when you come in contact with another person’s body fluid.

Teeth hygiene: Experts advise that we brush our teeth twice in a day. How we brush matters and the type of brush we use also matters. Floss between your teeth daily. Take your bath daily. Soap help remove dead cells and oils on the skin. Moisturizing cream is also helpful especially for those living in Nigeria this season due to the harmattan.

2) Nutrition: Health diet enhances growth and development. As a teenager, you are in your growing stage so there is need for healthy diet to promote healthy growth. Brain functions well with a healthy and appropriate diet. There are macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and mineral) that are needed by the body.
Carbohydrates help supply the energy needed by the body while there will be no adequate tissue and cell repair without protein.
When you see an active or lively adolescent, know that her bones are healthy, all thanks to calcium consumption. Teens need fibers in their meal to help keep the gut healthy. Vitamins too are not left out on the list.

3) Sleep and Rest: Adequate sleep help improve both the mental and physical health. Researchers have shown that teenagers should get between 8 – 10 hours of sleep per day. However, most teenagers sleep less than 8 hours a day due to increase in homework, early resumption to school, part-time jobs and social media addiction. Parents should help their teenagers build a good sleep and wake routine. Light outs can be created in homes and enforced. Afternoon nap can also be helpful because researchers discovered that regular afternoon naps can help teenagers sleep well at night.

4) Exercise: Physical activities help the body keep fit. Expert recommend at least 60 minutes of exercise every day for teenagers. Exercise include running, jogging, walking, jumping rope, cycling, dancing, swimming etc. Regular exercise is one of the recipe for healthy living. Some of the benefit of exercise are weight loss, stamina, sleep, less stress, memory improvement and prevention of some diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases.

5) Routine check-up: Prevention is better than cure goes the wise saying. Some diseases can only be detected through routine check-up. Some don’t even show any sign but with routine check-up you get to discover and treat early. Don’t be scared to go for checkup. Spend the money now so that you don’t spend more later. Long life in health is very possible if and only if routine check-up is observed.

6) Allergies: Do you know what you react to? Are you aware of your allergy(is)? It could be cold, dust, smoke, peanut, change of either body soap or cream, drugs, change of environment specific foods or even the weather. Reactions could come in form of sneezing, cough, rashes on the skin, itchy skin or eyes, redness of the skin or eyes, swollen lips or tongue. Discover your allergy so as to know how to deal with it.

7) Mental health: Teenagers deal with different issues that affect their mental health, ranging from depression, addiction, anxiety, and many others. Most teenagers don’t know how to handle these issues. Speak up, seek help, don’t keep quite when it’s no longer unbearable.

8) Spirituality: Teenagers who find God earlier and are grounded in their knowledge of Him tend to have a ‘smooth’ teen years and a ‘smoother’ adult life. When I mean smooth, I don’t mean that there won’t be challenges, there would surely be. They would face challenges better that a person who is not grounded in spiritual things. They live a Spirit led life which help minimize their margin of error. A strong conviction of your identity in Christ save you from most mental health issues.
Living healthy is not expensive but it requires hard work, consistency, perseverance and intentionality. Your future self would desire to have a healthy body housing a functioning mind. Don’t fail it. You need to know that your health is your wealth.

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