Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Boredom is one of the major things most teenagers battle with nowadays. This happens especially during holidays, or while waiting to be admitted into a higher institution. Boredom has led quite a lot of teenagers into acts that are unspeakable. It has also made some sink into depression.

As a teenager, there are so many ways to avoid being bored. I’d like to share some.
Almost everyone sees the social media and television as a device that helps to wade off boredom, but it can also enslave and trap the mind. As a teen, your phone, personal computer or your television shouldn’t be the only thing that makes your day fun.

Imagine a whole week without any of those devices, would you be able to survive? I know to some, it sounds like the end of the world.

It took two years before I got admitted into a university. So I had two long years of boredom. At some point, I found solace in watching novelas on the TV. I didn’t have an android then, so the TV was like my saviour from boredom. Anytime we got denied of access to electricity, I become very sad and gloomy. The novelas ate deeply into my mind that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything other than watching the TV. I am not saying watching the TV is bad. The point is, it should be minimal. There are other ways of overcoming boredom.

After I discovered I was getting paralyzed by my addiction, I had to look for other things to spend my time on. Then, I started reading books. Those books broadened my mind and improved my diction a lot. I began to challenge myself by reading books and taking notes. By reading, I became interested in writing.

Another way to overcome boredom is to learn skills. Skills like web design, programming, writing and many other skills are time intensive, they help you spend your excess time very well. Do not feel you’re too young to learn a skill, it is always an advantage when you learn early. It is also an addition to your CV.

Socialize with people that can add value to your life.

Be inquisitive about things happening around you.

Have a mentor, or an accountability partner. Someone who can scold you when you’re running behind schedule, someone who can give you goodly and godly advice. Don’t be scared to be scolded, it helps you to do more next time.

Try something new every day, routine will bore you. Learn things that can add value to you. Learn new cuisines, watch DIY videos, make new friends, get to know that neighbor of yours. Don’t just sit around and follow routine.

You can also engage yourself in sporting activities if you love sports. You can play games like scrabble which helps you learn new words.

I will like to add that running into romantic relationships because you’re bored might be very disastrous. Do not leap into a relationship because you desperately want to be occupied. Don’t keep yourself entertained at the expense of someone else’s sanity and happiness. Take time to grow and value yourself first.

Finally, get rid of procrastination. I believe boredom is not the lack of what to do, but the lack of the energy and drive to do things. As a teen, there lots of valuable things to spend your time on. Don’t be glued down by procrastinating. Swallow that lethargy of yours, and get to work!

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