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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

There have been stories of men who began from scratch, but are now worth billions and have become so influential and great. Men like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Lionel Messi, Mark Zuckerberg and many others have risen to stardom from their humble beginnings. We all have seen the manifestations of these great people but we most likely have not thought of how they came to achieve so much to the admiration of all. This article will be dealing with few principles that have made these few people chosen for influence and fulfilment.

Any success principle involves sacrifice and not social life; diligence and not diversions; responsibility and not restarted thinking. These principles are the few reasons for success and also for failure. This is because their applications can either mar or make one’s destiny. They can either create or ruin a man’s life. They can either shape a man or crush him into shambles. The right applications of these principles will prove the extent to which you desire success and are willing to pursue greatness. For achievements are not achieved in the limelight, they are achieved in the darkness of challenges, hardwork and passion. Get your mind ready to follow these few principles and you will see yourself rising to the top even in the face of terrible failures and damages.

The first principle, of course, will be Discovery. There is always a pool of potentials waiting to be harnessed in every individual. Anybody who has not yet discovered his special abilities and talents can be likened to a farmer who leaves his home with cutlass and then gets to his farm looking for the same cutlass in his hands. An undiscovered talent makes one a stinking gold. What we all need to do is to discover our area of strength so as to work on other areas while developing ourselves. The essence of talents and gifts cannot be overemphasized. The questions is: have you discovered yours?

Another principle is Desire.Well, we all know that when one does not desire a thing, he is indifferent as to whether he gets it or not. Therefore, you have to desire success first because this desire of success pushes an individual to go extra miles to get it. The difference between Marie Curie and other radioactive chemists is the desire that she had for impact. This woman wanted to make a difference and this came from her desire for success.

Moving forward, Diligence is the third principle. It should be noted that hardworking and diligence cannot be removed from the requirements in the achievements of success. No matter how smart anyone is, if hardwork is removed from his qualities, it is most likely that he is building his castle in the air. This implies that the imprtance of diligence can never be overemphasized.

Determination takes the position of the fourth principle. It is so funny how people think that they can achieve great things without giving it their all. In the history of man, real success has never been recorded to have come by easy means. Those that want to make it must be tenacious and patient. You need determination to succeed in life. Playing in life’s big league is not for commoners or ordinary people. It is for those that are ready to go give it all it takes and go the extra mile. Even in the football leagues,determination plays a big role in making a team achieve its aim in a football season. You can’t get what you want without determination. Through determination, you will trample upon all the challenges that come your way.

In life, Dedication is also important. In fact, dedication means giving yourself to your goal. If you are dedicated and committed to the vision you have for your life, you will scale through and get to the top.You need to forgo all distractions and give yourself wholly to your goal. Dedication also implies doing one thing at a time. Do not rush to do things. Give your mind to one thing at a time and be dedicated to that aspect for the achievement of your goal. You have to fix your mind on what you are into at the moment and not mind things that may take your attention away. Thomas Edison was dedicated to the one thing he was good at-invention. He gave his attention to a lot of inventions especially the electric bulb which he designed for several times before he had a breakthrough. One thing you need to understand is that a divided mind is a mind of failure. A distracted mind is a defeated mind. Only a committed mind is a creative mind. Only a dedicated mind is a decisive mind. The extent to which you give yourself to an issue determines your productivity in that aspect.

Discipline is essential if you will get to the top. If your manifestation will become a reality, you need to be disciplined. Any form of self indulgence is foolishness. You can’t expect success if you always gratify the desire of your body for comfort and ease. Those who have succeeded in this world did not get to the top with ease. They disciplined themselves and some even inflicted pains upon themselves. Galileo Galilee did not just become a famous inventor without discipline. He had to go beyond the norms of his days. He had to go beyond the use of little lenses in observation of objects. He opted for a better option through discipline. Yuri Gagarin had to discipline himself in the space ship on his way to space. He couldn’t have achieved this great fit without denying himself the comfort of lying on his bed the day he broke the world record.

The utmost desire of any man in his work is for him to have Delight in whatever he does. If you do not delight in what you lay your hands upon, failure is inevitable. When one delights in one’s work, one becomes happier while doing it. And is it not true that a happy mind does more good than medicine. Any man who takes delight in whatever he does will surely prosper in it.Cristiano Ronaldo obviously takes delight in football and that is what has paves way for him in the world of football. No matter how brilliant or intelligent you think you are, immediately you lose interest in what you are doing, you have lost it. At no point in time should you lose interest in what you have laid your hands upon as this can be disastrous.

Deliberation is another key in achieving deliberate success by a deliberate mind. If you lack deliberation in the ways and manner in which you handle situations, matters and people, you are making a grave mistake. You must be deliberate in you actions as well.You need to take every aspect of your life with all seriousness and discipline. When you become deliberate, you will not lose much compared to when you just leave all to chance or ‘luck’. Leaving your life to chance is foolishness, stay away from it and take responsibility for your life.

Finally, if you desire to succeed, you can and you will. You must train your mind to always focus on positivity. But can one really focus on positivity without God? The answer is no. Above all you need God who is the creator of heaven and the earth. When you leave all to Him, you can be sure that you have abandoned your life into the hands of an perfect protector and guide.

Once again the manifestation of man is not for commoners, it is for those that will give all it takes to achieve their goals.

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