Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


Being a teenager can be a herculean task with a lot of things fighting for our attention – school, friends, exams, family, social media, emotions, and even relationships that we tend to downplay the importance of prayer.
One thing I’ve learnt and understood is that prayer is always enough, no matter the length, duration, and intensity of your prayer, God always hears.
Prayer is not just asking for a new phone, success in exams, or even for a lasting relationship, there is so much more to prayer, you can step into a deeper realm and a lasting relationship with God in prayer.
Prayer is an act of communication by humans (you and I) with the sacred or holy—God.

Below are some benefits of prayer;
Hebrews 4:16 says,
“Let us, therefore, come forward with boldness to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace for timely help.”
Grace is more than unmerited favor. It is the free, unearned, and undeserved love of God. When we pray, we enter into the Holy of Holies and touch the throne of grace to enjoy the hidden Christ in our spirit.
In fact, enjoying the flowing of God’s grace in our prayer is more important than having our prayers answered.

Prayer helps you gain an understanding of God’s loving nature.
The scriptures teach, “God is love” (1 John 4:8). You can feel that love as you speak daily with Him through prayer, seeking His guidance in your life.

Prayer helps you find direction in your life.
When you privately pray to God, you can work through serious decisions in your life. God always listens and often provides the specific answers and guidance we seek. As teenagers, there are lot of questions we ask that our parents and friends cannot answer but when we come to God’s presence, we get these answers coupled with peace.

Prayer helps you become more like Jesus.
Jesus set the perfect example of prayer. If you try to follow His example through prayer, you will become more like Him and develop a better relationship with Him and Heavenly Father.

Our prayers as teenagers go a long way. Let nothing limit us.


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