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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

I am Bayo and I was born into the family of Mr/Mrs Tomilekun. I won’t say I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but my parents are okay financially. My mother is a teacher while my father is an accountant. They are both civil servants and they have no other business they are involved in. I have five siblings.

My siblings and I attend Methodist school, just four of us while our last born is in primary school.

It is a very big and expensive school. One of the things my parents value greatly is their children. My parents always want the best for us and that is why they put us in one of the best school. They never had the opportunity to be in a good school, therefore, putting their children in a nice school will fill the gap. Although, my parents don’t have much but they do try their best to see to the payment of our fees.

My journey with Christ started when I got to JSS3. I know I have been hearing about Christ and how he answers prayers but my heart never melt for him. I rarely open my mouth to pray even during church service.

On a particular day, my siblings and I were owing tuition fee and we were sent out of the class. I didn’t want to miss class and be classified together with the people who have been termed for owing school fees.

I first went to get a teacher’s phone to make a call to my parents despite the fact that we were always warned against such. We were always told to go home and tell our parents the experience we faced in school so that they will be quick to make payment or not allow us to come to school the next day.

Anyways, I had ways to get a teacher’s phone because I am some teachers favourite. I called my father and explained how we have been sent out of the class. He told me to calm down that he will make payments when he has money. He said we should stay where we have been told to.

I was so much interested in seeing what God will do if I ask him as regards my school fee. So, I knelt down and prayed to God for provision. After the short prayer, I found my way to where the defaulters stayed. I heard someone call me and on turning back I saw the school director. He asked me where I was and informed me that my siblings had gone back to their class and that I should pack my things and go to class. I was shocked though. Immediately, I remembered telling God I didn’t want to miss class but my father told me he will pay when he has the money but what was with the sudden change?

I kept on asking myself. I hurriedly took my things and found my way to the class. It was then that the school director told me that I should stay in class for today and inform my parents about the fees when I get home.

I was amazed by what God had done and I kept on thanking him in my mind. When I got home, I went straight to bed. I was wondering what had really happened. Another shocking experience was when my father came back from work and gave me the teller of my fees. He has paid all for my siblings and I. I kept on rolling and thanking God because he really answers prayers.

Apart from that, I later had some other things I was sad about and anytime I pray to God he answers me. I decided to give my life to Christ and pray to him everytime. I now pray to God even if I didn’t need anything. I pray to him on behalf of other people. I pray to him to thank him and appreciate him.

Prayer is very important in our lives and as teens. We need to engage more in praying. We need to pray for our future, family, friends and all
We need to dedicate our time on praying.
God really answers prayers.
I enjoined teenagers to pray more and be consistent. They should close their eyes and be in a serious mode whenever they are praying to God.

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