Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


A praying teenager is a teen who intercedes for himself and for others. He sees the needs of others and feels the need to intercede on their behalf. A praying teenager loves to be in the presence of God at all times. He communicates one on one with God. He affects the lives of people around him.

A praying teenager doesn’t easily fall into temptation. He overcomes every trial and temptation he passes through. With every trial he passes through, he comes out stronger than before.

We’re all being called to be a praying teenager. The Bible tells us to ‘pray without ceasing.’ We are to pray continually. Not when we feel like but at all times continually. A praying teenager will always have victory.

To become this praying teenager, you must first have a relationship with God. After this you should devote some time to pray everyday. Gradually, you will become this praying teenager. You will become powerful. After all, a prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian or, in this case, a prayerful teenager is a powerful teenager.

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