Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

He is no more than a young child,
Yet he is surrounded by the devil in all aspect,
Temptations come each day with a greater force than the previous day,
Though confused and out of ideas,
He says a word of prayer,

And suddenly there was light,
He saw every temptation in a new light as they came,
He wept profusely because he remembered those times when he sinned,
He made a prayer of confession unto the one in heaven,
He decided never to let go of his praying armour,
Day and night he adopts to prayers,

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession never ceased from his mouth,
The devil came back with more demons and a new strategy,
The demonic agent was sent packing immediately!
Our young child has grown!
He made a prayer of Supplication and the strength of the almighty came upon him with a strong force,

Now he prays in all situations;
Even in his dreams, he wears his praying armour,
The devil is now afraid to make a move,
Indeed! Our young child is now a man in spirit,
A praying teenager but a general in God’s army.

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