Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

We need troublemakers, this world needs trail blazers, it needs pioneers. This generation needs world shakers. Spiritual youths are needed, prayer warriors should not be missing. The cry of this world is always for youths who can shake the heavens and this world through their prayers and not ones who sit around playing video games.

The clamour of the universe is for teens who can challenge the kingdom of darkness, the principalities of this world and not ones who sit before television all day in the name of entertainment.

The desire of all nations is youths who are carriers of fire and anointing, who have the spirit of God on their lives and not ones who go about wasting precious time on worldly things and entertainment that do not edify. The world needs praying teenagers.

A praying teenager is, by definition, an individual who is conscious of the love and call of God upon his life and therefore goes after that call in submission to the Creator through prayer.

A praying teenager has the ability to terrorize hell as He who is in him is greater than he that is in the world.

A praying teenager is not wanderer, he is not a lazy type because all he desires is the glorification of God in his life. God surely needs teenagers who will move His hand in these last days.

However, David’s life is an example of a praying teenager as he was always dependent on God all through his years.

David always sought the face of God in any situation he found himself. And that is who a praying teenager is-dependent on God at all times through prayer. A man once said that any man’s dependence on God is revealed in his prayer life. The best choice a teenage could ever make is to be prayerfully attached to God.

The praying teenager is one who can turn this world upside down like the early Christians and challenge hell like the Paul, who always went on his knees to commune with the Father. The point is that no man can earn the grace for influence in the world spiritually without prayer and that is why prayer is important to a teenager. A man who goes on his knees to pray to the Almighty can never be made to kneel to any evil power of this world.

Moving further, the praying teenager is of surety a God’s general in this days of global filthiness and corruption. God grooms His soldiers in the prayer room.

Men like Ralph Mahoney who were called to the ministry at teenage years were men of prayer and they all began as teenagers. The essence of prayer in a teen’s life cannot be overemphasized as opposed to the ignorant children of disobedience who take pleasure in the lusts of the flesh.

A praying teenager is passionate towards the kingdom matters, he does not have interest in the toys of this world, therefore he presses towards the mark of purity and power through prayer. A praying teenager is God’s utmost desire in these last days.

A praying youth deals with burdens in the prayer room.

The manifestation of a man of God begins through connection to God in prayer. A Christian teenager must not be lukewarm as this makes God vomit. A teenager is meant to use his time and energy in searching for more of God, he is meant to spend and be spent for God. All these are the products of prevailing prayer of teens. God looks on the needs of a desirous individual rather than that of a lazy, non challant teen.

This is because a desirous teen prays down fire and brimstone- an attribute that prayerless Christians do not possess. A praying teenager is a warrior of fire undoubtedly.

Though Elijah was not a teen when his name came up in the scriptures, yet he was a man of like passion who prayed down fire, making him a good example of champions created through prayer.
Assuredly, a praying teenager is one who lives a victorious life of holiness and power in God. Only submission to God through prayer is the gateway to a life that is pleasing to God. It is however not surprising to see some teenagers standing upright in righteousness while some are falling into the pit of filth and indiscipline. The difference is grace gotten from God in the place of prayer.

A prayerless teen is a powerless and a defeated teen.

A prayerless teen cannot please God for he that must please the Father must work and live in strict adherence to His precepts, which is only made possible by grace gotten through prayer.

No matter how moral or gentle a teenager is, prayerlessness leaves him bankrupt of the grace to counter our adversary, the devil.

Prayelessness causes spiritual death and dryness as only a prayerful individual hets the oil of strength and power for daily living especially in these modern times controlled by the prince of this world.

This world is clouded by the mist of sin and iniquity and a teenager cannot afford to move about unguarded by God’s spirit.

In conclusion,the question to every teenager is if you are prayerful or finding it difficult to commune with the One who calls Himself our Father. What are you doing then? What have you been doing anyway if prayer is not in you timetable? What will your life amount to if you do not take time to create time for the One who made time? How do you defeat the principalities and powers in your community if your are left empty by prayerlessness?

In fact do you know that your getting to heaven boils down to prayerful pleadings with God for grace on a daily basis? All these questions have to be looked into and answered with all seriousness, then you might join the league of the praying teenagers who are on their way to spiritual stardom and eternal glorification. The life of a praying teenager is a life of victory. Make time for communion with the Master as the future of this generation rests upon your shoulders.

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