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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

One sunny afternoon, I was just going along a street and I was so thrilled to see some young boys trying to pluck some mangoes from a very tall mango tree. It would have been better to state that I was excited rather than surprised.


It was a beautiful sight to behold as the kids were giving their all to the accomplishment of their goal of mango plucking. It is funny to state that they were on a mango-capturing mission. All of a sudden, one of them climbed up the tree and others started collecting the plucked fruits or picking the scattered ones. This team work was perfect and at the same time challenging.


I immediately thought of the passion those boys had and I became sober. They had passion for something that was not really great and this implies that if the need arises, they would be passionate in the same vein whenever they need to get something worthwhile.


A lot of people today talk about passion and a lot of times, I have wondered if they really know what they are saying or just speaking of something they feel will make others view them as serious minded or prosperity-conscious people.


No one can actually get something without desire backed up by passion. In recent years, many politicians have been emerging and have been going in and out of political offices. Most seem to have something to offer but once they get there, they forget the promises they made to the masses.


One thing they lack is the passion for a glorious society void of corruption and indiscipline. Where their is no passion, the people there are living dead. And this is worse because there won’t be vision for something good.
Passion has to do with strong


desire for something. In this case, the passion for excellence implies the desire for excellence. Many students who fail do so because they do not have passion. No matter the amount of failures and disappointments an individual encounters, the final success in such a person’s life will prove the presence of passion in his life. If you have desire that is not backed up with passion, you are only wishing and a wish most times does not do much in a person’s life when it has no strong desire. The main reason for several downfalls is lack of passion. A passionate man pursues his dream without looking at the challenges but rather the end result.


However, there is no success without pursuit preceded by passion. When you see a man striving for excellence, it is because he has passion for excellence. A passionate man does not rest until he achieves his goal. A passionate man pursuits his dreams, he neither gives up nor quit. Like those boys in the story above, a passionate man is a man of purpose.


How can a man live with a purpose? How can a man mingle with peers without feeling left out, if not by having a sense of responsibility? These and more can only be achieved through passion.


In fact, true success comes out of passion. Henry Ford was passionate about the easier mobility of people and this passion gave birth to the Ford vehicles. Thomas Edison was passionate about the easy activities of people when there was no sunlight and this passion gave birth to the electric bulbs.


The Wright brothers were passionate about the advancement of men in mobility and this passion gave birth to the air crafts. Albert Einstein had passion for physics and physical phenomenon and this passsim gave birth to the several theories and discoveries in the field of science today. Barrack Obama had passion for speaking and politics and he became a player in the big league of great politicians and speakers because of his strong desire. Now you see that NO man ever gets to his desired position in life without passion.


Abraham Lincoln had his ups and downs but his passion kept him going and he eventually became the 16th president of the United States. No passion, no pursuit. No pursuit, no prosperity.


Furthermore, the essence of passion is for you to be able to leverage on your strength. We all must understand that when we encounter challenges and distractions, only our passion for excellence keeps us going on that path to success. How can a man’s success be accomplished? Only through passion which brings about pursuit.


I don’t think Isaac Newton was lethargic about his desire to have an impact in the word of science. I don’t think Billy Graham was non challant about his ministry either. Martin Luther definitely did not play away his time when he decided to take up his reformation procedures.


We must fully understand that the difference between these men and others is simply the passion to make a difference. A successful individual affirmed that, ‘Only those that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, do’. Only passion for excellence takes a man away from his comfort zone in search of knowledge. It is the only thing that helps a man keep steadfast in spite of all the challenges and pitfalls. In the view of excellence, only passion takes a man far.

In conclusion, do you think you can play games with success and get it? Do you think you can bribe your way through to achieve success? Do you think there are shortcuts to prosperity? If you do, then you are on the wrong path. What you need is to find where your paason lies and follow it through. You will realise that your manifestation will come and it shall not tarry.

Passion is the propelling force of deligence, determination and dedication. Find your passion today and do your best to pursue it.

Like Messi,you can become a renowned footballer. Like Donald Trump, you can become a popular business man. Like Michael Jackson, you can become a famous Musician. Like Charles Darwin, you can become a great scientist. All you need is to find your passion. We need to understand the conclusion of the matter-passion is essential for excellence.

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