Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


“You had better let’s get out of here before she becomes conscious and I pray she doesn’t remember anything.”

That was what I heard as soon as i had become conscious though my eyes were not fully opened.

That was Christopher’s voice and I could hear him and whosoever it was moving away from where I was.

I opened my eyes and tried adjusting my eyes to my environment.

I noticed I was In the Music Room.

“Why am I here?” I asked myself in confusion.

I looked at myself and I knew something was not right.

Memories of the day rushed to my mind as i burst into tears.

“No…No…” I screamed out.

I had been raped.

I had been set up by Chris and his friends.

I wept for a long time before i could think of what to do next.

I finally got up to look round the room when my eyes caught my bag lying in a corner.

I crawled over to where it was.

As I stretched my hand out to pick it up my phone vibrated from inside the bag. I brought it out and saw it was my mum calling but I just couldn’t pick the call.

After it had finished ringing I checked the call logs and discovered my mum had called 7 times, my dad 3 times, and Sharon 15 times.

Sharon called again and I picked it; with tears i explained all i knew.

She then told me what had occurred when i became unconscious and how she had told David and Chris to take me home. She then told me to stay put as she was coming with my parents.
I guessed my Parents had gone over to Sharon’s House when they couldn’t find me.

Minutes after Sharon’s call, I heard movements in the passageway.

The door to the room opened and my Parents, my Friend and Ezekiel, my younger Brother all filed in.

As I saw them, tears flowed from my eyes without control. I was short of words. I could tell Sharon had filled them in on what had happened.

I was sure of something; I had disappointed my Family and definitely God.

I was carted away to the hospital; tests were conducted and I was counseled briefly.

From that night, tears became my daily-bread; I experienced several nightmares and various scary dreams.

I shut out everyone from my life.

My parents that would normally invite young ones to our home were also discouraged.

Hatred took over me.

Hatred for Chris and his friends; hatred for myself for been so foolish and careless.

As soon as my Parents noticed i was becoming more unstable psychologically and emotionally as days went by, they told one of their close acquaintance who agreed to help in counseling me.

Dr (Mrs.) Lawal, a medical Practitioner and Counsellor who is also a member of our Church patiently dealt with me and slowly i started opening up to her about how i felt and what i was going through.

“I feel bad and really guilty. I can never forgive myself for my foolishness.” I told her one day amidst tears.

After listening carefully to me, she hugged me and said “You’ll get better.”

Indeed i got better after one particular session with her that brought hope to my life, brought a bright light to my darkened Soul and made me a better Person.

Do you want to know what happened?

Find out in the next episode.

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