Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


I didn’t know what to do to help her escape the trap that was laid for her as she had even passed out.

As soon as she did, Sharon, David and Bright came inside the hall and ran towards her playing the role of good Samaritans.

Sharon decided to get a cab so she could assist Jemima in getting back home; but David offered to be of assistance so she would also get back home early.

I watched as Sharon wrote down Jemima’s home address and left her friend in care of David.

“Make sure you guys get her back home safely.” She shouted out as she left in a hurry.

“We will.” David replied after her.

As soon as she left, David looked at me and said; “You are free to go to.”

I looked at the unconscious girl once again and left the hall.

As I got outside the school compound, i sat on a big stone and was lost in thought for about 10 minutes thinking through all that had happened in the past one hour.

“What could David want to do to her?” I thought putting together all his words and actions.

“Murder is out of it. He wouldn’t try that.”

“He didn’t try to make a fun of her before our mates?” I thought.

“What can it be?”

“Something that her being drugged was going to make it easy for him to achieve. He also mentioned that he would make things easy for her. She won’t have to beg.” I thought deeply as an answer dropped in my mind.

“It can’t be. No, he can’t do that to her.” I shook vehemently at that thought.

But I knew David could do it.

I stood up in a hurry and as I was about to take a step, a thought struck me; “To Jemima’s knowledge, everything that has happened or anything that happens to her will be my doing. She will think I planned it all.” I felt my blood run cold.

That thought sent me running back inside the school compound.

When I got back to the hall; none of David, Bright and Jemima was in sight. I took to searching all classes but couldn’t find them.

I then noticed one of David’s teammate going towards the gate.

I ran up to him and asked, “Please, have you seen David around?”

“I saw him going towards the music room!” he replied as he walked away.

“Music Room? That is my best place in this school.” I thought aloud.

The Realization of what was happening hit me.

David was setting me up.

He had planned it all.

Anybody would conclude it was my doing.

I ran as my feet could carry me to another block in the school, where the music room was situated.

As i was about getting to the front of the room, David and Bright came out of the room.

They were both struggling with their trousers.

I was right but I was too late.

They had raped her.

I moved closer to both of them and before i knew what I was doing, I had landed a blow on David’s face.

“Keep it cool, bro.” said Bright.

“Keep it cool? After setting me up?” I asked angrily.

David rubbed his face laughing horribly.

“How could you do this?” I asked not really expecting an answer.

“I figured she would feel better knowing it was someone she liked.” He answered with a smirk.
I couldn’t believe my friend had actually done that to me.

“You better let’s get out of here before she becomes conscious and I pray she doesn’t remember anything.” I added trying so hard to calm myself down.

I left the place and the two followed behind me quickly.

As soon as we got to the front of the school gate, I looked at David one last time.

Our Friendship was over and he knew it.

I then walked away to await my fate.

What happened next?

Find out in the next episode.

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