Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


The hall bustled with different types of activities but my attention is fixated on the truth and dare game.

I suddenly wondered why of all the places I could be I was there.

Sharon had already been “kidnapped” away by a friend of David i knew nothing much about; so I was left to myself.

I was about going out to check on Sharon when someone called my name from the group of people playing the game. I looked up towards the group as I saw who had called me.

It was Chris.

“Oh my God! So it’s Chris that will embarrass me today not David.” I thought.

I could hear my heart now beating loudly.

“Truth or Dare?” He asked from where he stood.

“Seriously?” I blurted out as he shook his head at me.

“Dare.” I finally said as I looked around to see all eyes were now fixated on me.

“I dare you to drink this up in one minute.” He said pointing a bottle of coke towards me.

“We seldom talk. What is he trying to do?” I thought as i walked through the crowd to where he was.

People started clapping and calling my name to cheer me on.

I looked at him to see him shaking his head at me as if saying “Don’t do it.”

“What does he mean?” I thought as I collected the bottle from him.

“1 minute.” he said again, his voice sending some kind of message I couldn’t place my hands on.

I opened the bottle; though I noticed it was no longer sealed, meaning someone had originally opened it. I however didn’t have the time to consider why it could be so as the shouting and cheering had now increased. I downed the drink in seconds to the cheering of everybody.

I turned to leave when i heard Chris mutter angrily; “Foolish girl. Double digit IQ dummy.”

I turned back to look at him. He was staring angrily at me.

“Get out of here now.” he mouthed at me.

He didn’t speak loud for others to hear but i was able to pick what he said.

I walked back towards the entrance of the hall as I thought; “Really? Chris does not cease to amaze me.”

I looked around for Sharon but I couldn’t find her around. I checked the time; it was 6:55pm which meant the pastor’s message would start anytime.

My Parents definitely had not noticed my absence in the church or they would have bombarded my phone with calls. I decided I was leaving immediately with or without Sharon.

I had almost gotten out of the hall when a message came in on my phone.

It was from Sharon;


“Hmm! This is not Sharon’s way of texting me.” I thought aloud.

She would have apologised for delaying me, yet she was unpredictable.

I finally decided to wait for her.

I went back inside to where I had previously sat.

In few seconds, I started feeling dizzy. At that moment, the story of a Bible Character flashed in my mind.

“Dinah.” I muttered as I blacked out.

What happened next?

Stay Expectant for the next episode.

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