Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)


“Someone is going to have quite an experience today.” David said to I and Bright in a stoic manner.

“Wait; what has this girl done to deserve your attention so much?” I asked already having empathy for the girl as he had not even disclosed whatever were his conceptions but I could guess that whatever was going through his mind was something spine-chilling.

Something violent.

“Don’t worry bro. Are you in this with me?” he asked looking at me expectantly.

“Nope. Please count me out.” I said shaking my head at him.

“I don’t even have an idea about what you are talking about here. Who is this girl?” I asked.

“Jemima.” replied Bright with a smirk on his face.

“Jemima?” I asked looking at David for confirmation.

“Yep, it’s Jemima or you got a crush on her too?” he asked with a serious look.

“No. But what are you guys planning to do?” I asked.

“Keep cool man, I’ve got things under control. I just wish to give her a little pathing gift. One she will never forget all her life.” David said clenching his fist as he spoke.

“Count me out of this Bro.” I said.

“I begged her but she laughed at me. She won’t even need to plead because I will make things easy for her. She won’t ever forget this day. Ever.” He said laughing hysterically.

I feared David at moments like this.

“Guys, am out of here. See you at the hall.” I said conclusively as I left David’s House.

David had been my best friend for 6 years, and I realized whatever he planned to do must be something terrible.

He knew Jemima had a crush on me; well virtually the whole class knows that. I had been told by a friend that he asked her out and she refused.

“Is he trying to get back at her?” I marveled at how I had his type of friend.

“I hope this girl does not come, she looks so naive and innocent.” I prayed silently.

As for who I am?

I am Christopher Bankole; the only Child of my Divorced Parents.

I live with my over-protective mum and I get to spend my days out with my friend David; it doesn’t matter to my mum as long as I return home before 10pm.

David had really influenced me a lot I must say but at that moment I felt like my friend was really bad than I imagined .

A flashback of when I first encountered Jemima crossed my mind.

“So much for an innocent girl.” I said smiling. I realized I might have to risk saving her from whatever David had planned but how to do that was still a dead end.

What am I supposed to do?

Watch out for the next episode.

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