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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

I was getting ready for class on a beautiful morning when I noticed my roommate’s moody face. My roommate isn’t the type that gets moody so I was forced to ask what the problem was.

With teary eyes, she showed me the picture of a girl dressed in bikini for a birthday photoshoot. I, I asked her why she’s so grieved.

She went ahead to tell me about this girl who happened to be her close friend in secondary school.
This girl in question used to be a timid girl in class, her head has a peculiar shape which invites weird stares and heart wrenching taunts from her classmates, especially the boys.

This girl was so intimidated that she lost her voice in class. She became a negative tourist attraction, they won’t just let her be. Ugly, that’s what everyone thinks she is.

After secondary school, she decided to show the bodyshamers that she isn’t ugly at all so she started exploring. The once timid girl now became a slayqueen. To prove herself further, she started dating one of the guys that once bodyshamed her.
Why did she allow herself to be tossed around? Why did she have to do that? Why? How? Who?

My roommate kept asking questions. She was really devastated.

I am sure there are people(not only ladies) out there suffering the same the my roommate’s friend suffered, bodyshaming and bully is something that’s so rampant nowadays. Sometimes, I wonder why people bodyshamed so much when they can’t even create a finger. It is better to keep quiet and watch than to say a word that might change a person’s psychology for life!

Those people with peculiar feature didn’t choose to have them, they just have them and they can’t help it. Why not just leave them be and let them enjoy the life you’re enjoying. You keep complaining about your friend’s skinny body, when was the last time you checked if he or she is feeding well? Some people will even do the extreme and tell you no one will marry you. Why not encourage, and be a part of someone’s story? than degrade and ruin someone’s story.

If you are facing this kind of challenge, I have just one piece of advice for you, do not allow anything that will shatter you get into your head. I know the taunts can be fierce, but it is only when you allow it that it will get to you. You have the key to your mind, use it wisely. In the end, it’s your life.

Live and let live.

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2 thoughts on “Live and Let Live

  1. This is wonderful. Body shaming is a very terrible thing to do as it is depressing.

    Nice write up sis👍

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