Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Dear teenage self,

I did the un-expected some days ago, I had walked up to a young man with the intention to preach the gospel to him but then as fate would have it, he is a Christian, a pleasant young man. We had a lengthy conversation ranging on different topics. It was so nice, it felt like I was talking to my younger brother.

He is about your age.

And like you, he knows what he wants, at least for now. Though it is obvious from our conversation that he doesn’t have all of his life planned out for him but it is good because making life decisions take time, in fact a lifetime.
I know you worry about who to be and how life will turn out but don’t be in a hurry sweetheart. There are many talents and skills that you are yet to know that you possess, for who would have thought I would realize at the time I did that I love to write and can do it well.

There are many times I awake with the depressing thought that my life is stagnant because I am not where I think I ought to be but I am usually comforted in knowing that I am alive and for that I can say “There will always be room for improvement”. That I am not where I thought I will be doesn’t scare me anymore.
There is a trusted ONE writing my story; Our Father in heaven and although people believe that the result of their lives are gotten from all the rules they follow and plans they made aright which I get, is sometimes true but the best result is gotten from being obedient to the one who rules the universe, these men may get good results but with Him will you have only the best. He created all things, made all rules and principles that govern life and as long as I can be patient, trusting in Him and be ready to walk where he leads me. Life will be as He wants it to be which is perfect because at the end of it all, no one knows who I should be or what my purpose is, like the one who created me.

So, there is always room for improvement, do not be in a hurry. One step at a time is just enough!! It will get you where you are going.
And if you are still in the state where I once was, doubting if I should let Jesus take the reins or not. It has been 3 years and no day or minute have I had to regret it instead I regret not handing over the reins sooner. So relax and let God be in control.
Bye for now. Love you

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