E-BOOK: Perfectly Incomplete – Olabode Oluwabukola

Hello friend,

My name is Bukola and today, 15th February is my birthday! To celebrate this, I have a gift for you. This free gift is a book and you’re not paying a dime!

By the grace of God, it is my first published book and I’m so excited that you get to read it.

This book, a short story though shows how lives could be without God. It is an inspiration from God and I can vividly remember that the inspirations were just rolling in and they couldn’t be stemmed. This was a contrast to my several unfinished stories that I had written in the past.

This is not just an ordinary story and I pray that as you read through, God’s heart would be bared to you.

Kindly fill the below form and leave me your kind birthday wishes.

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Kindly ensure you fill the form above before downloading a free copy from the link below:


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