Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Dear “Pearl”;

Some months ago, I was doing my chores when it was impressed in my heart to write you a letter. I don’t know you personally, I don’t know the citizen of which Country you are or the Continent you are; but I do pray this letter reaches you wherever you are.

“Pearl”, it is of my understanding that you detest being called the beautiful name you bear, as you feel it doesn’t fit a crushed and broken being like you.

Right now, I know you hate one man.

The man who hurt you!

The man who stole from you! He stole your innocence.

And yes, I know you trusted him so well that you didn’t see it coming.

When it first happened, you wondered what was happening. But then it happened over and over again.

The strong girl in you died.

The vibrant “Pearl” began to fade away.

Your beautiful smile; you began to lost it.

You began to have a stoic image.

“Pearl”, without warning you started becoming a hardened soul. You were always angry.

Yet, you were screaming for help from within. You wished someone could just see through you.

But No! You eventually concluded you were on your own.

What made it more frustrating was the fact that you got to see him so often.

You hated him more because you couldn’t tell your parents: they respected him; they saw him as the perfect teacher and mentor for you; they trusted him to take care of you.

You always wondered if he ever kept everything he taught you. You wondered how he could do that to you.

Now, it’s been weeks, month’s maybe years since you moved far away from where he is. But “Pearl”, you haven’t forgiven him.

Yes! You are still hurt; you are still angry at him and you are angry at yourself for been so foolish.

You have for long denied yourself of happiness.

The truth is you were young and you didn’t know of any way to defend yourself. Plus, you didn’t trust your parents’; you couldn’t confide in them.

You have locked up yourself in a prison for long.

I also realise you have developed a hatred for the opposite gender but Darling, they aren’t all the same. They aren’t devils or demons like you’ve imagined them to be. Rather, they are God’s precious creatures.

You have also concluded in your heart that any of them who try to move close to you wants to steal from you.

“Pearl”, I wrote to tell you it’s time to let go.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about?” You just screamed out.

I know… sweetie I know.

You can’t keep him locked up in the prison you’ve created forever; because the truth is you aren’t living your life freely too.

You feel you can’t ever live a beautiful life but my dear Jesus wants to give you a better life. He is also willing to give you the grace to forgive Mr “Z”.

You’ve got to forgive Mr Z. You need to stop regretting you were ever born. You need to realize your wings are still strong enough to fly. You have to decide you want to be free and you will.

“Pearl”, you are a strong beautiful Lady. You have a wonderful future ahead and nothing can stop you from reaching that position as long as you give God a chance to work in and through you.

So, forgive Mr Z and see yourself rising up from the self composed chains you’ve put on yourself.

Begin to see yourself in God’s eye.

You may be wounded but “Pearl”, Christ wants to heal you.

Are you ready to take the right steps and live a better life?

Do you want to see yourself as the beautiful “Pearl” God sees you as?



Invite Jesus in.

Tell him you hand over everything to him.

Tell him you forgive Mr “Z”; Pour it all out to him; Cry it out if you need to.

You’ll realise a divine peace will flood your heart. You will feel free.

Do you want to talk more about it?

You can drop a message for me as I will be glad to hear from you.

“Pearl”, God bless you and thank you for reading my letter.

With Love. 😍😍
Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi

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