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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Childhood was not really tasking for me, my parents did not have much but I was contented. I felt absolutely no form of pressure from any more one. My story changed however when I became a teenager.
During my teenage years, I made a lot of friends, I moved with different groups, because I felt I should explore my newly found freedom. To me then, attending boarding school was a way to escape from my parent’s over protection. So I explored, I made toxic friends, I moved with people with no vision, deceitful people and the likes. As a teenger tasting freedom for the first time, all I wanted was to explore and feel what the world really had to offer.

As a result of my willingness desire to feel among, each of these groups demanded a lot from me, which I gave. One thing I’d always be grateful for is the fact that I didn’t get into any romantic relationship, even though the pressure was topnotch, and that is thanks to the fact that I was an executive in my school chapel and one of the rules is to abstain from every form of romantic relationship till we handover.
Therefore, I had lesser time for my life, my books and my goals, I had more time for gists, jestings and other unreasonable things. My grades we’re were really poor, I became an average student. I’d be sober after seeing my results, but once we resume, the pressure comes back with all fierceness. I had friends that could challenge me, but they were very few.
I was like that till I graduated, then I got the shocker of my life. Our WASSCE result got released and I failed mathematics and biology, Waoh! then I sought for my friends, 85% of them disappeared into thin air, they were busy moving on with their lives without waiting for me. Then I asked myself, are we not supposed to move with the same pace? Why are they leaving me behind? I was totally left with the few good ones. I didn’t know where to start from, I was helpless and hopeless. I’d cry out my eyes most days in self pity.
Most teenagers nowadays are experiencing what I experienced back then, sometimes even worse. Technology was not as advanced as it is now then, teenagers now face more pressure. Most teenagers are now faced with a strong temptation to go into cybercrime, prostitution, premarital sex, watch pornography, smoke, drink and the likes.
A question that should be asked at this stage is how can it be avoided? The truth is it cannot be avoided, teenagers will definitely get pressured at some stage, but you prevent yourself from getting involved.

As a teenager, you should learn how to chose friends with caution. Don’t be so hasty in making friends. You should also have self esteem, don’t allow yourself to be pushed around by anyone. Move with the right group, get your priorities right. Make good use of your teenage years so that in the future you will have no regrets.
Make your teenage years worth remembering, carry yourself with grace and dignity. Remember, your future starts now.
See you at the top!

©Zeebah’s pen

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