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…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Teenage hood is a critical stage of life that requires a solid internal and external foundation. A good relationship with their parents will provide a good external foundation, while the teenager’s ability to develop into what the parents what for him or her, gives the internal foundation.

As a teenager, I did several things which seemed right for me then, a peep into what adulthood looks like, I understood that I had committed errors. These errors looked perfect: most of my friends committed same errors, I believed that was the best way to live and enjoy my teenage hood as a random teenager.

If you a teenager, I want you to understand that some of these errors are irreversible, and some leave scars that may cause an lifetime pain. One of my focus in life, is to enlighten teenagers on how best to enjoy and maximize their teenage hood, and I believe this article will help you see mistakes you must avoid at all cost.


1. Mistakes of assumptions
“Don’t build roadblocks out of assumptions” Loril Myers.
There are several assumptions that takes place in the heart of a teenager.
Let’s see this picture
A. Sam is 15years old and he is from a Christian home, he follows the time table his parents made for him, thus he never spends an extra time when playtime is over. He is committed to making a build a good reputation for the future.

Sam has a problem of assumptions, although he is a very obedient teen, but a lot goes on in his mind when he sees his friend Moses who does not read his books until a day to the exam, and yet he passes. Sam also wonders how Bunmi who is a pastor’s child still remains fervent despite her addiction to pornography.
He is tempted to agree that there is no repercussions to disobedience, at the same time he is scared of failing in life and failing his parents.

If you look at Sam carefully, he is confused because of assumptions. Several assumptions are wrong. I had several assumptions at teenage hood too, I assumed that my friends who had boyfriends at JSS3 were more beautiful than I am, I assumed that my parents are too strict because they are not as rich as my friends’ parents.


2. Wrong decision
Decision making is very important, and several children have developed the skill to make decisions although they never thought that skill is important.
As little children, there were days our parents asked us to look for our siblings, by buying them any candy or biscuit we seem it fit for them.
On some days, our parents ask us to choose the certain color of the dress we want.
All of these developed our skills to make decisions, unfortunately at teenage hood we worried that our parents do not allow us make decisions for ourselves.
The reason why a teenager can not make the right decision is because they are mostly tempted by frivolities and beautiful things. One of the decision you have to take as a teenager is to decide your association, your choice of career.
At the joint of making decisions, teenagers are tempted to go into a relationship and practice premarital sex, which on the long run is detrimental to their lives.


3. Mistakes of disobeying parents
I hate to write to you that I have disobeyed my parents before. Funnily enough, they never got angry with for disobeying them, it always ended up with a loving words from my dad.
It is understandable that teenage hood exposes you to a lot of fun and if sometime you feel you are not obligated to give your parents full idea of what is going on with you or listening to them. Several teenagers have made mistakes of not heeding to correction or following their parents footsteps.
You must note that your parents want the best for you and one of the ways in which you can fully grow in the thought they have for you, is to obey them.
The scriptures says, children obey your parents.

4. Premarital sex
Sex before marriage is a NO… NO… NO
The world is becoming so perverted to the point where teenagers who choose to stand for sexual purity are seen as aliens or novice. Read this carefully, you are not an alien because you have chosen to stand for sexual purity.
If there is anyone who is making mistakes or getting themselves mixed in errors flying around the universe, such person is making great mistakes that will end up causing damage to the future.
Some of our parents never had the chance to live a sexually pure life as teenagers or youths, they are living in the scars and regrets they built for themselves. That answers your question on why your parents are too strict. Dear, they don’t want you to fall into the pit they fell into, that seem to do more damage than good.

5. The mistake of not receiving Christ
About a week ago, I got into a conversation with a teenager, she is 14years old, after a long conversation on her ambition, her best subject, best teacher and the things she loves doing, I mentioned that it is a good thing to know the Lord at a very early stage in life. I received Christ as a teenager too, and it has helped me so far… No regrets.

I asked her if she saved, and she balantly told me she is not saved. I was surprised, I was not supposed to be surprised, but I ended up thrown into shock.

The girl is from a very devoted home, I probed her to know why she is not saved, and she said because of several temptations she face as a student.
Some teenagers believe salvation is not meant for the teenagers, that is not true. We all are the same before God, the scriptures says God is not a respected of persons. If you are yet to be saved, while reading this, you are committing the biggest mistake of your lifetime.
You can get saved this minute, by confessing your sins, asking God for forgiveness you of your sins and asking him to abide in your heart.

I enjoyed every bit of teenage hood as a Christian, you can also enjoy these and not fall into mistakes several teenagers make.

By: Nurse Olayemi Adeola 

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