Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

Can we meet you?

I’m Abayomi Adeola Tolulope. A 300-level law student of OAU, blogger and an entrepreneur. I’m from a family of six. While I’m not doing something serious, I’m probably hosting with my friends. I love beans so much.

Are you involved in any school activity?Probably in your hostel, department or the school itself?

I’m the Vice President of Association of Campus Journalist, OAU.
I’m a virtual member of the ADR society.
I’m the Treasurer of the Legal Exponents.

I currently run a charity organization- The Dellasdiary Movement.

Can you tell us about The Della Movement?

Oh yeah. I’ve been running The Dellasdiary Movement since 2016 for less privileged and children. We have programs every two months for them and I thank God for how far he has taken us through and concerning the last project Clothe A Child where we took various items including clothes to people in villages and orphanage homes. We have it in Lagos, Ilorin, Benue, Kogi and Osun.

Are you a worker in the church?
Do you hold any post?

Oh yeah, I belong to the Child Evangelism Subgroup and I’m part of the Media Associates.

What influenced your choice of career?

I chose to do Law because I grew so much love for the social environment and the downtrodden that Human Rights became a part of me. Plus, I was influenced by my dad who’s a passionate Human Rights Lawyer.

I chose entrepreneurship too because my mum gave me every reason to. Entrepreneurship made her strong and survive on her own.

What were  the challenges you had as a teenager?
How were you able to overcome them?

I had so many challenges but one prominent one I had was trying to make my parents understand that I knew what I wanted for myself. I overcame that by doing massive things on my own successfully- when they saw the results, they applauded me and were sure I could take some decisions on my own and left so much responsibilities for me and the results affirmed me more.

What is the inspiration behind My Fine Wears?

I thought that it was fine for people to dress well and look good without breaking the bank and so I saw it as a problem people face and decided to take it up.
As a teenager, I wanted to look good. I had so much idea of how I could look good but I had no money. Getting my first smart phone, I decided to storm YouTube to get different things to do and I stumbled upon a lot of ‘getting something out of nothing’ videos and that was how crafts started with me and then, My Fine Wears came. We’re one year old this month and I’m excited.

I’m aware you’re a writer and have a blog, what inspired you to go into writing? What do you like to write about?

Yes, I’m a blogger on and I love to write a lot. On April 10th, 2016 I was in the cafe browsing when I just googled ‘How to create a blog’ while others around me were trying to do bet9ja or just roam around Facebook, I really wanted to add something to my life. I needed somewhere to keep all my writings and then Wikipedia showed me how and that was how I started.

I write on anything pertaining to lifestyle and things that happen around us that we can learn from. That’s it

As an entrepreneur and a writer, how have you been combining those with your studies? More so, that you’re studying Law.

I get a lot of this question but the simple answer I give is “Balancing is not about giving 100% attention to everything but giving the needed attention to everything” and so I keep schedules. When its time to read, I read. When its time for business, I do business and when its time to write, I write. I don’t attend all classes because not all classes are to be attended- for some, you just need to read and ask your mates to explain.

Is there anything you regretted doing as a teenager?

I don’t regret doing anything as a teenager. I feel my life was on track even if I met Christ a bit late, I still feel it was late for a reason- for me to learn and teach others too.

How were you able to maximize your teenage years?
Errm… I had too much ambitions and that’s what kept me going and I felt so much need to increase capacity. I saw that as the only way and so I faced it. Business for me started since I was 8 and so it wasn’t so hard.

I just believe that you have to be focused as to what you want to get it.

What’s your advice for the teenagers?

Go for what you want despite the odds. Never be intimidated by what you have or not. You cab start from the scratch and still reach there.

Never also feel anyone is entitled to help you. No one is. Work for yourself and make life happen.


Are you inspired?

You can do it too dear one. You have all the things needed to be great. Stop holding back the idea you have. You are not too small to do something.

Stop thinking about the failures you’ve made. You have brighter days ahead.

Do you want to know more about Adeola and her business, check out her social media handles written below.

Personal account-
FB: Abayomi Adunni Adeola
Instagram: della_estie
Twitter: Fresh_Deola
LinkedIn: Abayomi Adeola Tolulope
Gmail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: My Fine Wears
Instagram: myfinewears and dellasdiary.
Gmail: [email protected]

Thank you so much for your time dear Adeola. You’ve done great things during your teenage years, cheers to move fruitful adulthood in Jesus name.

You are dearly loved.

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