Golden Teens Corner

…as Plants and Cornerstones (Psalms 144:12)

It is of no news again that the world is changing.
Perversion and corruption are becoming the orders of the day among the youths.
Suicide rates are increasing.
Teenage pregnancies are on high increase.

But how can these be curbed?
Teenagers need to be reached.
They need to know more about the love of Christ.
They need to know they’re unique and special.
They need to make use of the gifts embedded in them.

That’s the reason for the establishment of Golden Teens Corner.

Golden Teens Corner is a scheme dedicated to teenagers development and empowerment.

Vision of The Golden Teens Corner 

Our vision is to raise, develop and nurture GOLDEN teenagers.

Mission of The Golden Teens Corner

We are committed to:

Producing God-fearing and godly teenagers that would be part of the end time ministry.

Helping teenagers become scholars.

Building strong and firm teenagers that would be able to take right decisions.

Empowering teenagers to be skillful and efficient.

Equipping teenagers to become outstanding leaders.

Supporting teenagers and helping them overcome youthful challenges and temptations.

Raising, developing and nurturing GOLDEN Teenagers:
G – Godly
O – Outstanding
L – Laudable
D – Diligent
E – Empowered
N – Noble

Stay tuned as there are various programs that will be organized by the Golden Teens Corner.

You can follow us on Instagram @goldenteenscorner and can  reach us via our email: [email protected]


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